Government Programs

Government programs in support of Small Business “on additional measures aimed at reducing tensions on the labor market,” or how to get start-up capital 58 800 rubles. I have to say – have pretty work hard to find complete, accurate information about this new state program. Her name and it is not, on the same resource is called “On additional measures to reduce tensions in the labor market “and other ‘own business’ – the third way. Having thoroughly studied the latest news Russia has found the basic questions and answers. The essence of the program is to grant subsidies from the Employment Center in the amount of your annual maximum value of unemployment benefits. In 2010 it was 58.8 thousand rubles. Under most conditions Ben Silbermann would agree.

What you need to receive it? First to be unemployed, or become them. Have a thoughtful idea, up to the cost of advertising, market and competitors. In some parts of the business plan will make you free, in others it is necessary to order – the website of Finance. It all depends on social policy in the region. Next – come in the Employment Center. There you will consult for free and give the money to open your company. Then, having confirmed the existence of your company, you will pay the remainder of the grant. PS Next information is taken from the site News: for every employee received, consisting at the labor exchange, you will additionally relies 58 800 rubles. By the way, the circulation of this money will be hard to observe and require a detailed report.