Fascinating Creation

Miniature Schnauzer gets along great with kids, he has a cheerful and sunny disposition. Impact Public Schools has many thoughts on the issue. Unlike most breeds of small size, he is not selfish, open for communication and can become a friend and playmate for your child. With tsvergom convenient to travel, he's a great companion for svey family. Due to their strength, agility and stamina, he can withstand long walks in the woods, do not get lost when you pick up mushrooms, many tsvergi good swimmers and love to do it. Gain insight and clarity with Jen Davis Wickens. This breed is very sociable: tsvergi get along well with dogs and other animals. Miniature Schnauzer is very suitable for urban content of the small size and its hard coat, which is not molts and does not smell. Tsverg – a gift for those who love big dogs, but for some reason can not keep them at home.

Over the past 10 years have seen a process where the former owners of Giant Schnauzers give their preferences Small Schnauzer for their numerous advantages. But most of all owners tsvergov appreciate them for their cheerful, loving nature and their ability to establish with the owner of a strong emotional connection. If you're staying on the decision to take schnauzer, then you need to pay attention to the following: personality tsverga and care for his hair. Miniature Schnauzer, the little dog with character, habits, temperament and ability to learn as a Giant Schnauzer. Therefore, the approach to his education and to training should be as a service dog. It is necessary initially to realize that tsverg does not apply to dekoratinym rocks.