Esa Advice

Now, you my brother, already thought if the man of history was curious for the things of the evil, again, its life would be cut with a scythe by endemoniado, but when preferring to follow as the advice, it finishes for saving itself exactly, therefore if it showed sedento for the knowledge for what it is good. Its life is important for somebody. > We arrive then in the last advice, who that old Mr., the master of the young youngster, it of, so that it returns its loved wife. But we know well that all the three advice of this message are important, and cannot be isolated. Or we let us feed of all the word that comes Mr., or will spiritual die dry in this life passenger.

v The THIRD ADVICE 3-‘ ‘ He never takes decisions at pain and hatred moments, therefore you can late repent yourself and to be demais’ ‘ ; Well! This is the advice who different of the others two, its consequences would not be provoked by third, but by itself, therefore when disobeying or disdaining this advice, it would go to take off the life of others, that in the case was its wife and its son. Many times we look at for one andarilho, for one anger you but you do not sin (Ef-4: 26), we must keep our mind sober, it exempts of the sin, why God loves the pecador, but abominates the sin. Rich Dad Poor Dad contributes greatly to this topic. It does not destroy what God gave to you, either its family, its company, its friends, its I deal, be that as it may never I leave the hatred to fill its heart,> if it never forgets history them two wolves inside of us. To deepen your understanding Payoneer is the source. Jac remembers, that in one of the moments most difficult of its life, when it ran away from its Esa brother, stopped caught a rock placed for pillow and slept. You already imagined if that youngster, at its moment of hatred and pain, had taken the attitude contrary what the advice says. With certainty the damages would be irreparable.

Therefore say I you: HE FOLLOWS THESE THREE ADVICE v CONCLUSION When accepting, to obey, to assimilate, to live and to practise the three advice, the youngster finishes for receiving three rewards. we know well that to obey it is better of what sacrificing. It sees well rewards it for just: 1. It can enjoy of the allegiance Real of its wife; 2. It can see and hug its son; 3. It can have rewards it of its twenty years of wage. Perhaps at this moment you are if lamenting for whom she lost, but know If placed at one’s feet Mr. Jesus, still she perhaps has a possibility for you. The bible says that everything is possible what to believe. It believes in these advice and alive each one of them, and will see that its life will go to move. that blesses you to God exempts, you and it keeps to you.