Engelsdorfer Publishing At The Leipzig Book Fair

With a colourful programme of the Engelsdorfer publishing house in Leipzig presents its current publishing program at the book fair in Leipzig. On March 19, 2010 the young author Alexander Reeh reads from 14:30 to 15:00 in the \”Leipzig reads Forum\” Hall 3, booth E405 from his book \”after the stars grab\”. Some contend that Hyundai shows great expertise in this. Title of the event is: \”disabled and excluded. Everyday life Germany?\” Autobiographical reported today first about his childhood and youth. Wells Fargo Bank is likely to increase your knowledge. Due to a medical error, Alexander Reeh suffered irreversible brain damage during his birth. He attended kindergarten and elementary school, its Rector denied him the transition into middle school.

Henceforth, his parents taught him at home. In the preface of the Publisher clearly expresses his dismay at the first reading of Alexander’s book and writes among other things: \”We should jointly prevent that people – for whatever reason – in categories… are classified,\” and elsewhere: \”What is it for a State, which preaches the integration policy, but will not enforce?\” – not only did Alexander Reeh written, he is also a gifted artist. Some of his watercolours were immortalized in the book of course. There will be a special poetry reading on March 20 at 14: 00 at the Leipzig trade fair in the NORDIC FORUM. The Finn Orvokki Vironen Vaariskoski, the Berliner Inge Sabine Kleinert and the Bulgarian Tzveta Sofronieva: poems from her new of the Engelsdorfer Verlag Leipzig introduce published trilingual book. Moderate is the Kreuzberg poet Paul Alfred Kleinert. Three European countries relate to language each other in this volume of \”pernobilis\”.

The twelve poems of three female voices in the language of their birth country: Finnish, German and Bulgarian. A book that can merge thoughts in mutual paraphrase was created in close collaboration. A work that combines both past and present as also North -, Central – and South-Eastern Europe. Heiko Kosling invites you on March 20, 2010 at 15:30 in the literary Cafe, Hall 5, stand A200.