Employment Center

You guaranteed free and get something for that ', employed' are paying a lot of money. In order to get all of the above listed then and we have to gather the following documents: passport, work book, documents on education (diploma, certificate, etc.), military ID (if, while serving in the Army added to the length of service), pension insurance card, certificate of average earnings in last job (do not forget to give it up to check on Labour Exchange). Take it all and go to the Department of Employment Center (Labour Exchange) at the place of residence if you are not registered in Moscow, it is necessary to submit documents for registration. Arrive, show your passport (usually a guard) obtain an application form and questionnaire. After filling the registration go, you take the statement and verify that all required documents. You will be asked to have a savings account at your local branch of Sberbank of Russia, is it is 10 rubles, and it will calculate benefits.

Then, usually in another room, you are registered as unemployed, calculate the amount of benefits depending on experience. I have the whole registration process took less than an hour. So you full unemployed with all the rights and obligations … …! Now a little about the disadvantages, unfortunately, are too. 1. You will set the dates when you want to come and celebrate (to confirm that you are still unemployed and not receive benefits just because). If you fail to appear – will be removed from the register. Usually need to come 2 times a month.

2. You will provide job listings that match your profile. Need to ring up all of the company and find out if there is jobs. I have to say, all this nonsense. 2 months on the exchange I had never given any current vacancies, had long been closed. And on the list, you can not call nobody checks. Perhaps they were all minuses. In summary, I want to draw your attention to the fact that Job is a good source, although small, but income. Yes, and free courses on the road do not roll! PS On the Stock Exchange you will be registered for 3 months, after which it will be removed from the register. But after 2 months you will again have every right to be 'unemployed'.