Emerging Markets

The TRIUMPH States are as pharmaspezifische variant of BRIC and crap are the BRIC – and MANURE States trendsetting according to market research by Jim O Neill the epitome of sheer unlimited opportunities for companies and investors, with new products and brands on the markets of these countries walk. However here are some countries are not taken into account, that should be of interest under various, important considerations for the healthcare industry. Therefore back the TRIUMPH markets as OTC and pharmaspezifische variant to crap and BRIC more and more to the fore. On the basis of comprehensive studies, the Berlin consulting company specializing in emerging markets called Chameleon Pharma consulting the notion of TRIUMPH markets 1. A realistic assessment of the potential of all expected growing OTC/Pharma markets could be made on the basis of the following parameters: current and expected growth stage of development of the local health system relatively easy market access trademark and patent aspects regulatory aspects of regulatory approval of the TRIUMPH markets include the countries of Turkey, Russia, Indonesia, Ukraine, Mexico and the Philippines. In recent years, the countries concerned have undergone huge developments. Higher life expectancy and more education about health issues and treatment options will cause increasing willingness to invest more money in healthcare products and your own health.

In addition, the markets are not yet overrun and you can launch the products with relatively little bureaucracy. Compared to the countries of Western Europe with only minimal or even negative development, i.e. Germany, France, Spain, United Kingdom have the TRIUMPH markets on an average growth rate of 12-18%. Just the self-medication products in these countries are of great importance, since the share of OTC products accounts for almost 50% of the total market. The consumption of medical and OTC products per capita rises, as well as the prices and the demand for more expensive, innovative West products of good quality.