2 Aug 15

Taking into account that early next year will have to use for any transactions that exceed the amount of 2000 pesos, then it stands to reason that companies now begin to prepare for such an undertaking. Pinterest takes a slightly different approach. To begin this preparation should be carried out procedures that allow each electronic invoice issued is valid and unique. The following explains the main requirements that a company must have in their hands to be able to issue these tax receipts in digital form: You must request it generates a series of public and private keys to validate the effectiveness and safety of the invoice . This process is carried out by means of SAT. Need to have digital certificates, also issued by this system. It also requires a control that allows pages to import and validate the serial number issued.

Must be able to export the generated movements to have the information stored in the company’s accounting system. Each of the bills issued electronic must follow a logical process of generation, interpretation, storage, which is used in XML. Also need to carry a monthly report of invoices issued to provide the SAT and maintain at all times declared our income and services. If the invoice requires printing because it exceeds the 2000 pesos, you must meet certain basic items such as tax data of the transmitter and the receiver, an original string that includes each of the relevant data from the invoice, you need a Certificate of Digital Seal is a unique serial number as well as the electronic signature that identifies us as a company or person legally constituted for this business event. All this coupled with the legend “This document is a print of a Digital Tax Receipt” for which it is received and the tax system knows who that impression. Finally, it is necessary to keep track of invoices issued through storage or backup of digital vouchers have on hand any clarification is needed in the future.

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