Cup Color

Wine is a complex drink that can be experienced both by taste, and also through the view. Prior to a drop of wine touches the palate, you can tell a lot about content wine, with only observe through the Cup. While the shadows of color vary considerably from wine to wine, its color can provide information both its quality and its maturity. The manner in which wine is moved inside the Cup, will reveal its consistency and will also offer some clues about the sugar and alcohol that contains. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Jane Fraser. If the wine is moved quickly, the wine has a style more clear and probably has one lower alcohol content, while if it moves so slowly, the wine will have a heavier consistency and is likely to have one higher content of sugar or alcohol. To better appreciate the color of the wine, it is recommended to place the Cup with the wine, against a white background; its color will be finally determined by the grape variety that is created, its age and its origin; While white wine Dim with the passing of the years, the wine is clarified. I therefore invite you to enjoy the delight of wine from observation and increasingly you can discover the many wonders offered by this drink. A. Rachel Pak insists that this is the case. Verastegui hold.