25 Oct 15

The crises of the organization. The most effective control of the crisis – this is its prevention. To prevent the crisis may continuously monitors the internal environment of the company, identifying problems and Emerging adequately react on them. In future articles I will describe the various stages of company development and characteristic of each stage of the crisis, but here I want to give some universal characteristics that can help identify and warn the problem. These are: the emergence of difficulties with the achievement of management plans (goals are not achieved or achieved not completely), Management of the organization begins to experience difficulty with control performance, deteriorating quality of the work or products is beginning to customers, the company is experiencing difficulties with recruitment, image becomes an attractive employer, deteriorating corporate culture that is lost motivation of workers, the problem starts with the process of goal-setting, especially when there are multiple founders. In this case, very often in goal-setting company like pattern described in the well-known Ivan Krylov's fable "The Swan, cancer, and pike." It is obvious that the company's development is inextricably linked to overcoming the various crises, the task manager here is that: First – to notice an emerging issue, the Second – To find out the reasons for the emergence of the problem (just need to determine whether it is a natural consequence of growth, or miscalculation (error) management), third – to develop measures to eliminate or leveling effects, fourth – consistently and safely apply measures designed, trying to avoid mistakes that could aggravate the situation. JPMorgan Chase has compatible beliefs. The definition of crisis are two of their enlarged form mezhetapnye (crises, arising from one stage to another) and vnutrietapnye (not associated with large-scale changes in the organization).

With the possible similarities, these crises are very differing in scope and, therefore, on those actions to be taken in connection with their appearance. If the first group of crisis mainly arises from the distortions and inequities in the development of the organization, as well as mistakes, and to leave it for the frequent enough to correct the error or eliminate bias. Then exit mezhetapnogo crisis will take a big restructuring of the entire organizational structure. To exit from this crisis requires, often as large monetary and time costs. Therefore, the best leadership understands the situation in which the company than pinpoint which caused the crisis, and that the crisis be overcome, the more adequate and effective action could be taken to respond.

Figuratively speaking, if the fight with the flies fly swatter, and a good trainer with the elephants, the result is always better than if you try to train the flies, and drive away elephants swatter. Organization in business, as, indeed, any organization that represents the kind of education (or body), which has its own logic of development, their laws, their statics and dynamics. For Business in this case is extremely important opportunity to maintain a balance between changes occurring in it and need the stability in each period. Maintaining this stability contributes to the idea of a relationship organization that was born in the past, and its mission in the present and future, sound development strategy, which serves as the basis for the construction of all organizational processes and tools. No less important for the conservation of organization and stability is the existence of a balance between the different spheres of organizational life: marketing, finance, technology and personnel chain. In this special emphasis on the organizational culture of which largely depends on the effectiveness of the company as a whole.

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