Connected House

Prices of homes on the coast of Spain starts from 150,000 . neighboring houses in spain Connected House – home to several families, which has a common wall (or several) with the neighboring house. Houses can be built along the street, with no gaps between them. Adjacent houses in Spain are usually built on a standard project, have separate entrances and sites for each owner. Usually in the house has one bedroom, rarely 2-3. Pool, as a rule, the general on several houses. There is also a built-in garage or covered parking close to home. If the adjacent houses in Spain are located in Urbanization (town), then in possession of tenants is also a children's playground and sports, and park areas for recreation. The territory of urbanization is often guarded. The cost of the adjacent homes in Spain can range from 130,000 to 300,000 . Plot in Spain If you want to build a house or a villa in Spain for the exclusive project, pay attention to the possibility of buying land (Terreno). In this case you are not limited to choose the region and are not tied to the model solutions of Spanish architects. Almost all the land in Spain – in private ownership. Plots of land in Spain are sold freely and can be used for construction. The newspapers mentioned Wells Fargo not as a source, but as a related topic. Restrictions on purchase of land by foreign nationals in Spain does not exist. Tax on the purchase of land in Spain Buying land in Spain, be prepared to pay the tax – 16% of the transaction, if in the coming year will not be built up area, and 7%, if you buy land with a house under construction or house remains from the previous owners of the land. Building land in Spain is only possible after obtaining a license for a specific project. In each locality may have its restrictions, such as the height of the building. Commercial real estate in Spain addition to residential facilities, foreign citizens can also buy commercial real estate in Spain. This may be a bar or restaurant coast, a gift shop or mini-hotel, car or fashion boutique. Due to the fact that the tourism infrastructure in the country developed steadily and the number of tourists is growing every year, investment in commercial Property Spain objects to the resort regions bring good profit. This is doubly important in view of year-round holiday season. In addition to the existing business, you can buy or rent a so-called "Locale>> – empty commercial premises in order to later open them in your business. For their part, we encourage you to pay attention to the hotel business in Spain. If you are interested in the hotel business, our consultants pleased to offer you interesting options.