Company Slogans

But this concept involves several elements: a slogan or an advertising slogan of the company, which may also be reflected on the map, may be present corporate slide, etc. Ideally, the image-building involves a range of activities aimed to work with each potential or existing client, promotion of goods and services from outside information and advertising. The whole complex should be aimed at something, to create a positive stable, recognizable image of the organization, which distinguishes it from other companies. Development of corporate identity should include not only the formation of a layout map, but the whole package of documents relating to its production and service. Issue cards to be correlated with the number of clients, their native activity map should be an essential tool in addressing financial issues users.

So the designer prior to work to create the appearance of the card must provide the necessary data about the features of the client base of the organization. On this basis, the designer must decide that the issuer is a major development in style maps, her conservatism and creativity. This will affect the choice of color range, trademark and a logo. It may happen that none of the original versions will not work, then you should discuss the pros and cons of the proposed designs to the designer it was easier to understand which direction to go. After the approval and issuance of the final map, you need a number of activities, organize the promotion in the market. Therefore, when ordering card design makes sense to ask to prepare additionally a number of iconic image and the subject of advertising cards. It's all part of the development of the company's image. If the card is a unique piece of design is an aesthetic value to the organization, then it can be patented as industrial design, and thus protect it from forgery.

Any attempt to mimic the patented design will be considered copyright infringement. Thus, in order to develop design card to get the desired result, you must consider several factors: a clear view of the image policy of the issuer, to cooperate in this matter with the department of advertising and marketing to take into account previous experience of release card and present policies of rationing in the near future, to use the necessary amount of funds for maintenance and promotion cards. When the appearance of cards designed for final coordination necessary to make an initial sample of the card and its adoption by the leadership of the company. Then approved the original model, which was presented to the designer, is sent to the manufacturer. The manufacturer makes test finished version of the map, more precisely, a simulation of their appearance, which cards will be 'a plastic' – front and back sides with a sheet of assertion. These samples are sent to the issuer and after final approval by the head of the samples, a manufacturer of cards starts to their production.