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Along with finance, marketing and production procurement activities is one of the most important functions of the head. On average, over 50% of every dollar of sales is spent on purchasing materials and services. Entrepreneurs should plan and control the purchase with the same attention they give to others what activities of the enterprise. Their task should be the procurement of goods and services required quality at the right time, at the right supplier and at a reasonable price. You may wish to learn more. If so, Robert Kiyosaki is the place to go. Typically, inventory turnover ratio is the best criterion for the effectiveness of the company on procurement and inventory management.

The index of turnover, equal to the average for the industry, shows sufficiently favorable procurement and inventory. In most industries, inventory and acquisition-are equally important. Not having sufficient resources, an enterprise can lose customers and do not deliver promised services. And in order to plan and manage their inventory, businesses must strike a balance of conflicting interests, as obsolescence goods, lower investment in stocks and high quality services. Employers should protect themselves and their businesses from unexpected developments that can paralyze or halt the growth of the enterprise.

Responsibility of entrepreneurs to society. Social forces operate in such a way that the impact on the successful development of business in no less than do market forces. Just as a reasonable person should think about what makes his life more fulfilling, and an entrepreneur should think about what to do for the betterment of society, in which it invests energy and money. The idea that business people need to realize their social responsibility is relatively new. Although some of them and tried to aggressive energy resolve social problems facing society, others did not do it at all. Entrepreneurs must understand the truth that the business of business is not just profit, but also improve the welfare of society. Since the company almost did not attend to public interests, many people have a low opinion of businessmen. They believe that businesses should take an active leadership to help solve problems such as poor quality products, pollution protection or discrimination against minorities and invalidov.Udachnogo business with CH-Potato – the business of manufacturing chips