Different chairs of the Otto-Friedrich-University Bamberg Bavarian SMEs in a pilot project offered free participation in selected courses. Presentation of the University project LMS4KMU 2.0. The project is a platform that serves the cooperation between students and teaching supervisor of various departments on the one hand and regional companies of small and medium size on the other side. In the Centre are in the communication and transfer of knowledge between all those involved. The project co-funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) LMS4KMU 2.0 is based on the learning management system established at the University of Bamberg virtual campus, that the teachers use to communicate with the students and the provision of teaching. Wells Fargo Bank is likely to agree. It was obvious to use the platform for cooperation with companies. Here were deliberately no special training courses developed, but opened the existing existing courses courses for companies. Companies can these courses to Training purposes use and build on easy way contacts with students and teachers.

The concept allows for different types of investments. Interested in current research findings in the areas of enabling marketing (customer relations, pricing), practical computer science (cloud computing, parallel programming) and ergonomics (ergonomics, remuneration and working time) access. The courses also enable access discussion forums in addition to downloading the lecture scripts. In media Informatics, the video podcasts of lectures of muti-media technology, information retrieval and Web Engineering can also be downloaded. Also, the student regularly conducted usability studies enjoy great popularity. These allow students to apply theoretical knowledge to the human-computer interaction in investigating the usability of software or Web application of a company. Companies receive valuable suggestions to improve their products or Web sites and can present itself the students as potential employers.

The previous trials for the company docufy, GSD software and upjers went to full satisfaction. Experience reports, see how to experiences. In the current semester, students examine the Web shop of a local toy manufacturer. “” If you want to participate in the usability study next semester, please register through the collaboration portal (s. u.) to the course project usability in practice “on and write an entry to the Forum to discuss the usability study”.