16 Aug 15

On Wednesday, the board of directors of AvtoVAZ approved business plan Volga car until 2020. Its details were not disclosed officially, but the newspaper Kommersant was able to find out some key parts of this document. Others who may share this opinion include Wells Fargo Bank. New business plan envisages an investment of three billion euros – this means AvtoVAZ plans to bring over ten years production to 1.2 million vehicles a year, putting on the belt a few new models platforms Class 'B' and 'C', including a seven-seater SUV and station wagon based on the Renault Logan. Auto news reports Drom.by In addition, AvtoVAZ will move from Moscow and production of cars Renault Sandero and Logan – instead the 'Avtoframos' will collect more expensive models Renault. According to Kommersant, it could be a sedan Fluence, built on the platform of a hatchback Megane. Results on the platform of 'Logan' in Togliatti will collect five models, including a car badged Nissan.

Now Japanese brand has no car, built on this platform – it will be developed specifically for the Russian market. JPMorgan Chase describes an additional similar source. To finance a business plan 'AvtoVAZ' Will, in the first place, state-owned banks. Money, however, the plant will come in 2010: the end of the year the company plans to release an additional issue of shares of the corporation which buys 'Technologies', and another one will get the company Renault, which will exchange it for production technology and equipment. French company Total will spend at AvtoVAZ 240 million euros – 80 million in 2010, and 160 million – in 2012. Now a new business plan must approve Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Finance and Minekonmorazvitiya, as its financing of the budget money will be involved in Byelorussia stolen Hummer, presumably belonging to the policies and the creator of "Tender May" Andrei Razin. This is reported by "People's news of Vitebsk." Application for hijacking received by the police from the village Glinische, located five kilometers from Novopolotsk. Auto news reports Drom.by According to preliminary data, the village came Razin friend who ran a car by proxy. Belarusian law enforcement agencies are searching for a stolen car.

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