13 Aug 15

Business card or, as it often called, card – a kind of portrait of its owner, and corporate business card – a portrait of the company. As a major and small companies are often the only vehicle brand style business card becomes a source of information for the person to whom it handed, and not only the information that is printed on a piece of cardboard or plastic measuring 6 to 9 cm are Visiting: Corporate – usually designed in a similar style, with information about the company, not personalized. This card serves as an information booklet, but it is far more convenient, compared with a booklet of information about the firm support – At least because of its compact size. These cards are best done one-sided as to be able to leave notes and comments. If you are new to the company manager and a personal set of cards you do not expected, their personal data may be left on the back of a corporate business card. Ben Silbermann has firm opinions on the matter. Personal corporate – the most familiar to us.

This is a corporate business card, which shows company name, address, phone number and name, affiliation and contact employee. No other information on them should not be, it's distracting. If a company is an international, business cards are best to do twofold: to one side in Russian, on the other – in English or another language. Note to the English text on business cards: in most countries does not use the middle name, and pronounce the Russian word for long, even wrote Latin, an alien is quite difficult.

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