Brief historical introduction

The existence of cable TV networks or CATV (Community Antenna Television) dates from the mid-40s. In the summer of 1949 in the United States, specifically in Astoria, Oregon, a technique called the Parsons amount to a small network can be considered a pioneer of cable television. Consisted of a system of antennas, signal amplifiers and mixers. This was combined signals distributed by cable to its neighbors, that they could see several programs without the need for antennas with a good level of quality.
In Argentina, the cable TV appears in the 60s of the interior, where the transmissions were not open. So in 1965 he was listed as closed circuit television Junin.
In Peru the first transmission cable can be traced back to 1982. Panamericana Television this year trying to launch a service under the name of the cable but was not successful. The same year a company called TVS began wiring the city of Iquitos, becoming the first cable system with success in Peru, although the phenomenon, little known outside of that city, did not spread to the rest of the country. Another strange event happened in 1983 when Unitel launches Channel 27 in Lima, which was senal open day and at night by offering a subscription programming through a decoder. This attempt also failed and cable TV in Peru (except Iquitos, of course) or would not be known mass until the 1990s.
In Spain, the first cable TV networks appeared in the early 80s, especially in the community known as video, where a building or group of buildings are sent through the antenna system of a television signal video player through which the “system administrator” movie was going to return for a fee.
These pseudorredes, especially because of conflicts of rights exhibicion were evolving at the end of the eighties there first CATV networks already issued by the Spanish terrestrial TV channels, foreign channels, most from satellites, and even added some of own production, especially locally, to make them more attractive. These networks have been operating in the alegalidad, since there was no regulatory framework until it was enacted on December 22, 1995, Law 42/1995 of telecommunications cable. However, after the Law 32/2003 General of Telecommunications has repealed almost all the previous Law 42/1995, establishing for itself a number of new regulatory framework for cable television, public domain radio services the information society, etc..

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