Bolivian Eastern

The last quarter of a century, was the democratic exception, and it may be coming to an end, due to deranged, demagogic, and fundamentally stupid measures taken by the peasant President. The machinations of Morales are no longer novel. But what’s coming can be totally unusual for Latin America. In Venezuela there is a loose, bellicose, armed, crazy with power and money, and his main protege is about to be beaten democratically, as happened to him in his last referendum, but with the big difference that what happened in Venezuela only had mild political consequences. The autonomy of the Bolivian Eastern regions, is of an economic nature.

The Bolivian Eastern is generator of most revenues received by the country, and is tired of these monies go into the pockets of the useless, cleptomanos, bureaucrats from the West. Evo does not want to run out of the bottle, and Chavez does not want an ally more poor everyday. Keep Cuba already costs you too much. If the Venezuelan attempts to intrude into the predicament, Brazil can react, because Sao Paulo is dependent on gas Bolivian which is located in the eastern region. For Brazil it is more easy, consistent, convenient and reliable, negotiate with the Orientals than with Morales. If the autonomy referendum derives in situations of violence, Argentina, ally of Chavez and Morales, he already cautioned during his previous Government that will not stay idly; as if it were his responsibility.

Considering the amount of money that the Kirchner received Venezuelan Tycoon, it seems that it is. Bolivia can be converted into a battlefield between Bolivians, Venezuelans, Cubans, Argentines and Brazilians. The OAS was already bought by Chavez, and the only one who could resolve the conflict would be United States, but after that it will run blood in another scenario, regional vote could lead to the federalization de facto of Bolivia, which would prevent Morales to govern democratically. Before a powerful opposition majority, your best choice would be to resign, as did the three Presidents who preceded him. But Morales has already announced that he would prefer the death before that leave the power original author and source of the article.