Benefits of dietary fiber

Although currently very challenged by various researchers, the inclusion in the diet of foods rich in dietary fiber can prevent or alleviate various illnesses such as:
Constipation: The best known effect of fiber is its ability to facilitate defecation. The fiber increases stool volume of solid waste to create and absorb water which causes a more voluminous stool and less consistent. Furthermore, decreasing intestinal transit time, ie, speeds the evacuation process, increasing its frequency. Therefore, an appropriate content of fiber in the diet is essential to prevent and relieve constipation. ,
Diverticulosis or diverticular disease: disease characterized by the appearance of small pockets in the walls of the colon in the form of a finger glove called diverticula. The diverticulosis increases with age, as older people in the intestinal wall is weaker and the pressure inside the colon facilitates the creation of the diverticula. The excessive pressure that has to carry the muscular layer of the wall of the colon when fitness attempting to expel stools with little volume increases the pressure inside the colon and may contribute to the development of diverticular disease. Today it is accepted that the fitness diverticulosis is wellness due to higher deposit elastin in the walls cardiovascular of the colon and a loss of vagal innervation. Although it has been postulated that diverticulosis is associated with poor diet in dietary fiber, there is no scientific evidence to support its prevention through the consumption of foods rich in dietary fiber.
Obesity: Obesity is a disease that is associated with hypertension, ischemic heart disease, diabetes and many types of cancer. nutrition Therefore, maintaining an appropriate body weight is very healthy. , Diets high in fiber can help control obesity for several reasons: first, diets rich in nutrients fiber have fewer calories in the same volume of food, and second, these diets facilitate ingestion of less food because they prolong the time of mastication and its volume, help to produce more quickly the feeling of satiety body and finally, the DSA rich health in fiber ‘hijack’ of sugar and fat intake, slowing their absorption, which lowers the final energy supply.
Cancer of the colon and rectum: isolation though a no-fiber diet protects against colorectal cancer, the first observational epidemiological studies indicated skin care that populations consuming diets rich in fiber had a lower supplements incidence of colon cancer. However, these epidemiological studies on the protective effect of fiber against this type of cancer are contradictory, probably because of the diversity of components that are part of the dietary fiber. Even it has been noted that there is no significant inverse relationship between consumption of fiber and the development of colorectal adenomas, a precursor of colon cancer. of course my exercise routine is greatly influenced by the different products that offers you for your health It is now accepted that the beneficial effect on the overall dietary consumption vegetables (preferably fresh fruits and vegetables), reduce intake of fats and red meats, provide adequate micronutrients, etc.. , .
Diabetes mellitus: an increase in intake of dietary fiber, particularly insoluble type, could improve glycemic control, reducing the hyperinsulinaemia and plasma concentrations of lipids in diabetic type 2 , which confer a suitable profile health of cardiovascular protection. However, although we recommend the inclusion of foods rich in fiber in the diet of diabetics, are very weak evidence to support the prevention of type 2 diabetes through foods rich in fiber
Hypercholesterolemia: the health care intake of fiber provides a lower absorption of cholesterol, which leads to the prevention and treatment of disorders characterized by elevated levels of blood cholesterol.

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Taking B-vitamins can prevent a common type of vision loss in older women, according to the first rigorous study of its kind. It is a slight redemption for vitamin supplements, which have suffered recent blows from the study found they are powerless to prevent. the positive reviews about can do so much for your life
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Taking B vitamins could prevent one type of common vision loss in older women, according to the first rigorous study of its kind. It is a slight redemption for vitamin supplements, which have suffered recent blows from the study found they are powerless to prevent disease. Age-related macular degeneration is the leading cause of blindness in people 65 and older, with nearly 2 million Americans in the …
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