Architect Christoph Blumenthal

Other criteria provide more evidence of personally suitable heating system. There’s the technical first Requirements, such as, for example, the size of the House and its construction. Well insulated buildings have a lower heat and therefore systems which bring little heating capacity, enough for her already. Recently Robert Kiyosaki sought to clarify these questions. Then the question arises according to the desired comfort: what effort accept residents for the daily operation, which for regular care and maintenance? From system to system, there are differences here easily. Someone burning with piece of wood, for example, should it be clear that he must put wood every 24 hours in the winter. Even this seemingly mundane considerations can make much easier the decision, because for some, too much work with the heater is completely out of the question. But even so, not all factors are plumbed: some owners place emphasis on eco-friendly heating, others are interested in only the operating and consumption costs and who builds a small house with no basement, critically asks for the space required for tanks or storage areas of some plants. At the end is for all Homeowner interesting, various building services elements can combine if and how they with the heating.

A number of influences so plays a role in the decision for the right heating system. Therefore, it makes little sense to reduce the debate solely on the cost of acquisition or operation. Architect Christoph Blumenthal has collected for builders who want to find out which personal claims with the heater the best blend, a decision process in 7 steps. The clear structure that is based on the decision way of a client and systematically leads him to finished putting together its desired heating system. Step 1: determine personal investment costs step 2: acquire expertise and guidance to the life cycle of buildings step 3: the basics of the energy saving Regulation (EnEV) and energy performance certificate understand step 4: cost and profitability comparison of all understand step 5: detailed background knowledge about the technical construction and the intelligent building concept in question next systems step 6: extensively inform yourself about the combination of other such facilities with the heating, water heating, ventilation, cooling, supplemented by solar energy, step 7: useful tips and instructions for operation and maintenance of heating systems note digital control these 7 steps to facilitate the orientation builders. The reader in Blumenthal’s current book construction compass will find the detailed details heating and energy”. “In the Internet can who visited the page and to inform themselves about choosing the right heating, there free the E-book the 10 most frequently asked questions from clients ‘ downloads. Helpful suggestions also can be found on the page. There is also a free sample from the compass of building heating and energy.