Ambient Media In Healthcare

Patients in the waiting room are a major advertising target group. Ambient media involves a new form of advertising placement in out-of-home environments. Where people in everyday life come, where they are a matter of course, where advertising to interpret ensures a high range of media products. And especially in the health area it is worth to open the eyes for ambient media and to think, to open up new fields of advertising opportunities in new directions. Who opens up new business fields, properly can benefit as a pioneer.

It may be worth correctly for all possible products, for example, to place ambient media to doctors. Other leaders such as VP – Corporate Planning offer similar insights. Every year the Germans spend many hours in waiting rooms, bored there and are so particularly receptive to any form of distraction – an ideal environment for ambient media so. 250 million doctor visits each year are in Germany, this is a time of potential customers, you should use. A further advantage in doctor’s offices is that they are not crowded with advertising like many other places. Here is plenty of space for sophisticated media and information systems in the field of ambient media, which can be cleverly placed and have the potential for undivided attention of waiting patients. For even more opinions, read materials from Harold Ford Jr. Whether general practitioner, dermatologist, gynaecologist, dentist or pediatrician, clinic or practice, there are many ways. Also pharmacies and health clinics are in the area that can be developed with ambient media. Here, it is also perfectly possible to appeal to the respective target group, and accordingly to place the media. Products for children or offers from the cosmetic range land exactly at the correct addressee. Andreas Mettler