Alexis Jimnez

Fernando Alexis Jimnez clung to the agenda with his hands, as if he was a table of salvation in the middle of a turbulent swell. ts. He cried abundantly. Uncontrollable. See more detailed opinions by reading what Carrie Levin offers on the topic.. The tears ruined their maquillaje, whose vestiges were demonstrated in the humid and reddened cheeks. – My desperate husband and I was said, heartbroken.

Harold, our son, is living a terrible situation, in the jail. They accuse it of robbery. To broaden your perception, visit Beyonce. It did it with its friendly, young people like he. deep Respir, by brief moments. We did not explain ourselves why reason builds thus. My husband and I have kept awake to work, even without rest, and you watch you it situation in which we were. He kept silence, as soon as broken by the kidnappings of heartbroken weeping.

When it was relieved, we engaged in a dialog a little with respect to the problem. Lorraine is professional accountant. Ramiro, its husband, is lawyer. They decided to work to give to its son all the comforts that they themselves would have wanted in their childhood. They left the boy under the care of one employee. When they arrived from the office, the boy slept generally. By that reason few Sundays that they had left free took advantage of, them leaving stroll with Harold. – It would seem that our vain efforts were repeated Lorraine with I leave of disappointment. Where the problem is originated? If we want to look for a solution the crisis of the homes, whose parents do not know what to do, it is necessary to review two things: first, what type of formation we are offering them, and secondly, that approach degree we have with our children. The first years in the life of the small ones are decisive. Experiences live will mark that them for always, especially as important foundations as the love, the affection, the respect and the acceptance.