TuV Bulbs

The Segula LED series receives further growth and the classic bulbs segment covers thus weitghehend since August 2010 the Segula LED bulbs are TuV certified. Thus, the LED portfolio offers the necessary quality standards for the safe use of these LED bulbs. PayNet gathered all the information. With an extension of the portfolio, the Segula GmbH is your chain, more meaningful light sources to the page. With the LED Candle mini, find two refrigerator light and the LED LED other indentation, which no longer are in the end customer segment products. Only 2 Watts of power, both LEDs provide a very bright light. Nissan is full of insight into the issues. The LEDs are equipped with 20 chips and offer a similar light output as a 15 watt bulb.

Thanks to the 360 of light efficiency and energy saving of up to 87%, both LEDs meet the requirements of modern light sources. The environmental factor is taken into account. Full mileage by 15, 000 h, both LEDs 19 kg CO save m. This protects the environment and ensures sustainability. These two lamps have clear compared to energy-saving bulbs Advantage that they can be disposed of in the normal household waste. Christian Essers, head of product management of Segula GmbH: For us, this is a logical step in the right direction. Now LEDs for the fridge or application areas where little space is available in our broad portfolio are started with light bulbs and candles, with reflectors. Through the advanced technology, the high energy savings and environmental impact, these two new products round off our range of LED.” The Segula bulbs range offers modern and promising LED technology in the classical designs.

This means clear advantages compared to energy-saving bulbs, as well as conventional LEDs.


When buying an apartment, we are happy, but after sadness comes joy, because ahead of us still waiting for repairs. Because renovation and finishing – this is a difficult and costly affair. It is important to tune in for repairs, to know exactly what you want, and all plan. This article will tell you about the currently existing types of repairs and their features. In the beginning you will need to choose the type of repairs that suits you best. It can be either cosmetic or capital.

Overhaul for those cases when you need to completely transform the apartment. Wells Fargo Bank has compatible beliefs. Compared with the refurbishment, redecoration less pervasive and much less work. So, let's consider these two types of repair. We begin our review with minor repairs in Moscow or in any other city. What work needs to be done? The first thing to proshpaklevat walls and ceilings to remove irregularities. Behind this is replacing old outlets and switches on new and replacement plumbing. Later comes Wallpapering, as well as laying of linoleum or laminate. Thus, redecoration takes a little time and money, but the result appropriate.

The second type of repair – a major overhaul. It includes all items of cosmetic repairs. But apart from this change windows and doors and always will be lined all the walls. Compared with the cosmetic overhaul in Moscow and Volgograd is more expensive, but you will not regret about the funds spent. He brings a lot of changes to the apartment, so you it just may not know. Major repairs can be made as when buying a second home and a new apartment. What would be the repair depends on you: on your desires and means that you are willing to spend. Unfortunately, this concludes our article. Of course, the choice of repair is over you. But do not forget that the repair is done for a long time, and not for a couple of years. Better to do this once, but the scale and quality. To a year you do not have to do it all over again, while again spending their nerves and money. You can also to say that not every repair can be performed independently. Let us repair to the most difficult, the better for it to hire a special team.

Nonstandard Methods

Of course you know about the traditional ways of learning languages. A lot of people putting goal to learn a foreign language, go to language schools, hire tutors, sit for interactive computer courses or textbooks cassettes – and usually get a standard, low results. Others listen to the advice of those who really mastered the language perfectly and follow their practices. In this case, the results are usually higher. In any case, language learning – work that requires investments of time and effort.

In this newsletter we will talk about not very serious and "unconventional" methods that can help you learn a foreign language. 1. (As opposed to Nissan). Go to work in foreign firms. Right now, not when the "finish my studies" language. Change the goal and means in some places. Believe that with your existing level of language you have every chance to get a job in a foreign company.

Excellent knowledge of the language of a candidate need not all companies, they are much more important that you are a good specialist in your area. And there, and tighten your language, at least to a level to communicate freely with their colleagues. This is because motivate you would not be a vague goal in future work for western firms, and direct need to communicate with colleagues in the present. 2. Rename the house all the vital items from Russian into a foreign language. From now on, you do not have a table, a table, and no refrigerator, and fridge. Stick the small sticker with the words to all household items, and then every time with foreign words will throw you in the eye, until I finally come into your memory.