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In this article I want to talk to you about a historical event that has taken place in Tampa, U.S., in the days 11-12 December 2010, and 7 teachers, 7 powerful where met of business in Spanish-speaking Internet. We greet with great joy this type of events because they will give a boost to Hispanic entrepreneurs to be more successful in your Internet business. Although there are many doubts and much incredulity, Internet business can be, 7 teachers are conclusive evidence, an example and proof that anyone with a dream clear and determined to succeed can take your business on the Internet. 7 Teachers are: 1. Sebastian Saldarriaga 2. Wells Fargo has plenty of information regarding this issue.

Richard Osterude 3. Charles 4 Denney. Richeli 5. Luis Eduardo Baron 6. Alvaro Mendoza 7. For more information see PayNet.

Pilar Ortiz the interviu: Toader Matei asks: 1. account please by me and the visitors of my blog, What is your opinion about the seminary’s Tampa?, was it a success?, you should repeat this experience? alvaro Mendoza responds: was an historic event. The first great seminar classroom the teachers of Internet. Without a doubt, it laid the foundations for future seminars of this scale for Latin America. Toader Matei question: 2. what was the reaction of the public, how listeners have received the conferees, they’ve loved the exposed material? alvaro Mendoza responds: people was fascinated with the event, the quality of the speakers, organization, topics covered and above all of the disposition of the conferees to resolve concerns outside the scope of their respective talks. This event was something historical, as it is the first time that experts of this caliber gather personally, laying the foundations for future style events in various cities of the world. Toader Matei question: 3. What is your personal impression about this great event in Tampa, U.S. on December 11-12, 2010? alvaro Mendoza responds: a success. Toader Matei question: 4. can be accessed, for example, paid to the content of this seminar? alvaro Mendoza responded: we are working on it. The work of editing is a bit wasteful, however at the beginning of next year is intended to give access to the recording of the same. ALVARO at the end leave me a comment on this article, I care about your opinion, let me know your problems, your frustrations, your doubts. If this article, liked only if you like it, don’t forget to rate it or share it with your amigod in Twitter, Facebook, Stumble Upon. Thanks a lot.

Boedecker Marketing

the Boedecker started to organize the first courses of administration in the just-servant School of Business administration of So Paulo of the Getlio Foundation Vargas. Wools houses (2006, P. 26) it uses the following definition of the marketing: Marketing is the area of the knowledge that engloba all the concernentes activities to the exchange relations, guided for the satisfaction of the desires and necessities of the consumers, aiming at to always reach definitive objectives of companies and individuals and considering the environment of performance and impact that these relations cause in the welfare of the society. Already Kotler (1996) directs the definition of the marketing for the necessity human being: ' ' it is the activity human being directed for the satisfaction of the necessities of desires, through the processes of trocas' '. In this direction, we perceive that the first function of the marketing is to deal with customers, leadership this whom knowing extends, to understand, to create values and, over all, to provide satisfaction to it. This satisfaction is the basic point of the marketing in the present time, its essence is in attracting new customers, promising to them new well superior values and keeping the current ones.

Later Kotler (1998, P. 03) it comments that marketing can be defined as ' ' the managemental process through the which individuals and groups get what they desire and of that need, creating and changing to products and values ones with outros' '. Toward the author the marketing beyond is come back toward the necessities of the consumer, is also a form sales. For Richers (1981, P. 23): The marketing is a much more ample one of what sales, especially as for the responsibilities of the professional of the area, that beyond the good transactions or services, must carry through market research, formulate and execute one politics of products, to choose a distribution system, to divulge and to promote the products and still to mensurar the results.

Vestibule Education

Leaving of this affirmation I intend to strengthen in the personal marketing, leaving clearly that they (waiters) are the business cards of the restaurant and a good appearance tranfers organization and hygiene. It comes if it worries about the appearance and as the waiter must act, and thinking about its bibliography he is of utmost importance to cite the personal marketing and the marketing of relationship, two tools that can help our professionals to exert an exemplary position and to give one better attendance. The customer of today is more demanding and for this reason she is much more difficult to pardon the committed errors, therefore they need to be dealt with the double professionalism and attention, and its expectations of attendance to the customer must daily be surpassed. Wells Fargo Bank: the source for more info. In the search of the agreement of the personal marketing the teacher of Integrated Communication of Marketing of the FGV Doin (2010, p.2) says through studies that made on the personal marketing that: image is an appreciation of value constructed through ideas, certainties and resultant sensations of the communication of the attributes of the candidate to create its differential and to search its visibility.

The Personal marketing can be defined as a set of strategical actions, attitudes and behaviors that lead the personal and professional trajectories for a happy success by means of qualities and innate abilities or acquired of the individual that, perfected, will promote behaviors favorable the accomplishment of its proper objectives. For Doin the personal Marketing is not only one well combed hair, a well made beard or well cut nails, the author in passes the idea of that a necessary professional to have its value. Standing out the personal marketing, Rabbit (2010) weaves consideraes special in the article ‘ ‘ Personal marketing?


Function of a Leader In the current conjuncture the good leader is that one that has abilities that they go beyond managing businesses or people. One of the main characteristics of a leader is to be whitewashing, coherent, to have much emotional intelligence to be perspicacious and to have common-sense. When we work with people, invariably, we do not have equivalence of behavior, linear or seemed line of tenuous position and reactions, each person is a system, that must be understood and in the possible measure do stoned. (A valuable related resource: Bill Phelan). The human being, in general way, has an enormous difficulty in developing an activity mechanics, that one whose routine is to keep the biggest possible regularity, the impetus of the people is to find that it can facilitate or create shortcuts for activities that many times do not allow such attitude. The leader has the basic paper of if inserting in the context and leading, inducing, the necessary changes without causing upheavals or discomfort to the people, this test the capacity of if relating and managing its work.

The position of one to lead must be convenient and appropriate to each situation. Go to PayNet for more information. The true leader is that one that, exactly with its absence obtains to keep a balanced team and producing as if it was present. Another pertinent task to the leader is to qualify people for its succession, this is the best performance that a leader can have, the great virtue of the born leader is not to have fear of shade, that is, to give chances to the collaborators. The great lack in the organizations is exactly of leads, people qualified and capable to lead businesses, to intermediate and to calm conflicts and with property to take by decisions. The rational form of leadership passes for the principles oldest of the history of the humanity, that is, behavior generates behavior, is easy accepted and to be respected, is enough to respect, to reveal apt and intent to the ones that are in our return. This does not have magician leadership is position is not imposed if I acquired Arodi Anito Barboza of course