Boedecker Marketing

the Boedecker started to organize the first courses of administration in the just-servant School of Business administration of So Paulo of the Getlio Foundation Vargas. Wools houses (2006, P. 26) it uses the following definition of the marketing: Marketing is the area of the knowledge that engloba all the concernentes activities to the exchange relations, guided for the satisfaction of the desires and necessities of the consumers, aiming at to always reach definitive objectives of companies and individuals and considering the environment of performance and impact that these relations cause in the welfare of the society. Already Kotler (1996) directs the definition of the marketing for the necessity human being: ' ' it is the activity human being directed for the satisfaction of the necessities of desires, through the processes of trocas' '. In this direction, we perceive that the first function of the marketing is to deal with customers, leadership this whom knowing extends, to understand, to create values and, over all, to provide satisfaction to it. This satisfaction is the basic point of the marketing in the present time, its essence is in attracting new customers, promising to them new well superior values and keeping the current ones.

Later Kotler (1998, P. 03) it comments that marketing can be defined as ' ' the managemental process through the which individuals and groups get what they desire and of that need, creating and changing to products and values ones with outros' '. Toward the author the marketing beyond is come back toward the necessities of the consumer, is also a form sales. For Richers (1981, P. 23): The marketing is a much more ample one of what sales, especially as for the responsibilities of the professional of the area, that beyond the good transactions or services, must carry through market research, formulate and execute one politics of products, to choose a distribution system, to divulge and to promote the products and still to mensurar the results.