German Shepherd Dog

Plant or not to have a dog, each person decides for himself. But if you think, is this true? Why then are allowed so many mistakes? When buying a dog, usually a person has as a goal (or several targets simultaneously): the protection of property and personality, love for animals, wants to have a friend to yourself or your child, etc. But one way or another can get out, either that person was wrong with the intended target, or select a breed is not suitable for this purpose. so before you buy a dog, you need to answer the question: 'Do I need a dog and how much is needed, the German Shepherd? " So, you love dogs, have decided for what you need it and decided to get myself a four-legged other. Stopping a choice on the German Shepherd Dog, we must remember that dogs of this breed is characterized by high mobility and striking temperametrom, they need long walks and regular training. And if these features are not afraid, then the choice of a German Shepherd – a good choice. German Shepherd – a working dog, which is used in a variety of types of services (guard, investigative).

The owner of a dog of this breed must be at least minimally develop her natural abilities through training, this would require confidence that acquires a puppy will be healthy physically developed and will have a strong nervous system. To make a reasonable choice of a puppy of this breed, should take into account several factors: better to buy a puppy from breeders who specialize in German Shepherds and are engaged in cultivation for several years and created a good breeding fund; good breeders care about and worry about their pets, and are interested in the fact that the future owner to choose a good puppy. To take into account all these factors and not to be mistaken with a choice, it is recommended to take the puppies in the kennels. In the first three months of life, the German Shepherd puppies prone to stress, so he needs to pay special attention to develop self-confidence. Puppies from kennels get it all, they are in the early months of his life near his his mother, with brothers and sisters, it introduced gradually to the outside world. In addition, breeders do not save on the products and give the dogs optimally balanced meals for them. All this strengthens the kids. Referring to professional or kennel of German Shepherds, the future owner can see photos and video footage of the ancestors puppy, he will explain why it was such a binding, and what the character and appearance mind to grow a dog. In addition, owners of the nursery will help to prepare your dog for the exhibition will help owners and konsultatsiayami tips on growing, training and education of offspring. And as usual nursery provide their services in training German shepherds.


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